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Flash Advance Linker & Card sets : ECube, EZ-Flash, EZFA III, GBA X-ROM, XG2, EZ2, XG2 Turbo Plus, EZFA, F2A Ultra, Flash2Advance, EZF Advance, QBoy, G6flash etc.

Selecting what is the best gba linker set for you

Answer to the following questions
- what is more important to you - simplicity in use or having advanced features?
- is price or quality more important to you?
- will you use the linker for playing GBA ROMS only or do you want support for NES, SEGA, SNES, PCE, GB/GBC roms, MP3 and Video?
- can you live with a card size that fits the largest games and in most cases multiple files (256M) or do you need a cartridge that can hold 16 or even 32 games at the same time. (512M / 1G / 2 Gig)
(is the bigger but more expensive the better for you?)

GBA X-ROM - The cheapest 512M kit.

For owners of GBA and GBASP
You can buy XROM 512M Flash Card & Linker set for $94 USD. At this price it is the cheapest 512 Mb GBA Flash set on the market - but at the same time it has some of the most advanced features (RTC, Cheat Code, Pogo Shell, Emulator support) and great software. Older linkers with 256M flash cards costs the same or more than Gameboy Advance X-rom 512m!
Xrom linker does t work with Nintendo DS so you need gameboy for writing roms. Card works on DS


QBus QBoy - Most user friendly

With simple Plug-and-Play installation (no drivers required) and easy to use software for managing, downloading and writing roms QBus is the best solution for non-advanced users, kids or parents who don't have time to search the internet for the latest games. Everything is nicely packed and ready for PLAYING.

Now that we said that - this linker& card set is not for the Advanced users who already have a complete GBA roms collection. QBoy uses its own rom format (*.qboy files) so you can not make your own rom compilations and upload them to flash card... can not use NES, PCE, GB etc. emulators as they require you to build your own .gba rom.

So if you look at QBoy as a package for young kids it gets 9/10
(add RTC and Cheat Code support and you could get 10)

Not for advanced users as it doesn't let you upload own .GBA roms

Buy GBA QBus

EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar - For Nintendo DS users

Support for multiple GBA roms on one card. On the 256M EZ2 PowerStar card you can store up to 8 commercial game rom files! You can store literary thousands of FreeWare gameboy or NES games and demos cause they are a lot smaller than a regular GBA game rom. EZ-Flash 2 Power Star Flash card support all save game types SRAM / EPROM / Flash so you don't need to use any additional tools to patch the roms like with the older carts. Great for advanced users.

Buy GBA EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar


ECube EZFA - New 1GB EZF Advance Linker.
Extreme Flash Advance - EZF Flash Linker.
EZ-Flash 2 Powerstar - EZ2 Power Star.
GB-Bridge - Flash2Advance GBC roms adapter.
GBA Movie Player - Nes roms MP3 and Video on GBA.
SuperCard - Gameboy Super Card Movies & Roms.
GBA X-ROM 512mb - good cheap xrom set on sale.
GameBoy QBus Qboy - 2in1 Gamepad Flash Linker.
XG Flash 2 Slim - Nintendo DS compatible writer.
XG Flash Card- Turbo Plus writer and card.
EZ-Flash 3 III - 3rd generation of EZ carts.
EZF Advance - USB Flash Card with RTC.
Flash 2 Advance Ultra - F2A ultra flash cards.
G6 Flash - G6flash usb linker pda card.

Basic instructions on how to backup Gameboy Advance games to a Flash Card
How to backup Gameboy Games



GBA games on DSi
With the new SuperCard DSTWO ands it's built in GBA rom
emulator You can play GBA Games on all Nintendo DSi and
DSi XL versions. And just like other R4 DS flash cards DStwo
supports NDS ROMs SNES, NES, SEGA, MAME, but exclusive
to it is playback of DivX Avi MP3 and other media files without
converting! Buy DSTWO at R4DS Store or GamesYeah

* Latest R4i SDHC DSi, DSTTi, AceKard and M3i Flash Cards!