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GBA Multigame Cartridges - Multicarts

GameBoy Advance / GBASP and Nintendo DS compatible Multicart sometimes also called MultiGame cartridge of game compilation cats are game cartridge that have a considerably bigger memory inside that enables them to hold multiple games on a single cartridge. From outside multicart looks same as any regular GBA card and have exact same shape. Nintendo made Gameboy Cartridges are usually 32M 64M or 128M big when as multicarts can be 512 Mb and even bigger - now as you see that makes it possible to put ~4 to 6 GBA roms and around a hundred or so NES roms on the cartridge and that is exactly what manufacturers in Asia are doing.

gba multicart


How does it work

Put Multicart into GBA or Nintendo DS
after GAMEBOY logo a nice little menu appears that lists all the games on the multicart. Scroll up and down with the direction pad, find the game you like and push [A] to select a game and play. MultiGames work the same as on GBA Flash Cards. All Linking / Multiplayer options are preserved and you are able to save all games - even NES games have quick save option that was not available on the 8bit console!

Pros and Cons of getting a multicart.

+ One cartridge to carry with you - 100 and more games on it.
+ Cost the same us 1-2 Nintendo single-game cartridges (~$60 USD).
+ Cheaper than re-writable gba flash card.
+ No need to look for NES and GBA roms on the internet.
+ All the games have working Save Games. (No need for rom patching etc.)
+ Easy to use for non advanced PC users and younger kids.
+ Works on GB Advance, GBA SP and Nintendo DS

- Unlike GBA Flash, Multi-Games can not be erased/replaced once they are completed.
- You can not pick the exact list of games you want on the multicart - choose from existing carts.
(modification service is supposed to be introduced later)

Where to BUY

4 years in business and offers warranty. Payments with PayPal, Credit Card or MoneyBookers
Nice website an helpful stuff.
Online Auction Sites
No warranty and unknown sellers. Check their reputation before you buy



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