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A very common and popular area of the site, is the GBA Emulators section. Gameboy Advance is a fun and great console, and there is always new games coming out that you want to play! However, it can become very expensive always running out to the nearest Video Game rental stores to test out new games all the time. Why not just download a GBA Gameboy Advance Emulator and play the games on your computer first for free!? Many GBA development groups have worked hard to make this dream come true for all us GBA Gamers! There is now a variety of good GBA Emulators for the PC so you can play all your favorite games on the computer without having to first buy or rent the games.
Test out games on your computer before you buy them!

vba link file open rom

VisualBoy Advance & VBA Link

To start playing first RUN the emulator and then:

Click File->Open and select rom or Drag and drop GBA ROMS over the emulator window.

(Files can be .ZIP .GBA .GB .GBC)


vba link
VBA Link Emulator LAN Multiplayer emu for 4

VBA Link - LAN multiplayer emu!

VisualBoy Advance Link emu can do everything VBA can and more. It is an upgraded / hacked version of the original vba roms emulator with Link Cable support added to it - enabling you to link multiple emulators on the same PC or over LAN network. If you are running Windows - this is the program you should get for playing gba rom files on computer. Drawback - unlike original vba - vbalink emu is available only for Windows users.

Download VBA Link at

VisualBoy Advance
This emulator focuses on compatibility. Some of its good features include GBA sound (including Direct Sound), 100% ARM and THUMB emulation, and emulated BIOS functions. It requires DirectX 7+ and the Windows desktop must be in 32-bit mode. VisualBoy Advance is the follow up to VisualBoy (it retains all functionality of VisualBoy). An excellent emulator!. The best Gameboy emulator for computers running Windows, WinXP, Mac OS X, Linux and BeOS operating systems. Emulates GB, GBC and GBA roms. (Can add colors to black and white GB roms, emulate SuperGB border, Pocket GB and GBA SP games)

Download VisualBoy Advance

VBA Features:

  • save game state at any point
  • graphic filters to enhance display: 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI, Super Eagle, Pixelate and Motion Blur
  • full screen support
  • screen capture (through menu or configured key)
  • joystick support
  • emulation speed up button
  • Gameboy Printer emulation
  • Gameboy GB, SGB, GBC and GBC on GBA emulation types
  • SGB border support
  • auto-fire button support
  • translation enabled (for emulator only)
  • hacking capabilities, including search engine, Gameboy Gameshark and GameGenie support and Gameshark Advance and CodeBreakerAdvance support
  • GBA debugger in the SDL version Linux, Windows and BeOS (SDL version)
  • import Gameshark Game Saves, codes, etc...
  • import battery files from other emulators and gba flash linkers
  • export battery files to other emulators and gba flash cards
  • gb, gbc, gba game sound recording

+ Pokemon emulator download full version iPhone and Android App. Windows 10.


If vba emulator is running too fast, make sure that the Synchronize.. option is checked on the Options->Emulator menu and that Sound is on. If sound is off, there will be no synchronization and the emulator will run at maximum speed. This should change in the future.

If it is running to slow to make emulator work faster:

  • increase frame skip
  • increase the emulator priority
  • use a lower sound quality
  • don't user filters
  • use 1x mode or full screen mode
  • disable SFX
  • enable the Use Video Memory setting
  • try the SDL version


Best way to play ROMS

gba flash cardsThe best way to play Gameboy Advance Roms is using GBA Flash Memory Cards!
Use Emulators to preview games on PC but when you really want to enjoy them the way they were meant to be played burn them to a Game Boy flash memory card and play them in GBA!


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