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GBA Flash Advance Cards and GBA Flash Memory Writable Cards are a very good way to get the most of your Gameboy Advance SP experience. These cards are development kits which are used to transfer games for the PC directly to a cartridge which can be played in the Gameboy Advance GBA system. This is the same method used by game developers when making games for the GBA that can now be used by anyone.

Download free GBA roms and flash / transfer the GBA rom files backup to your GBA cartridge. It can be done over and over, one you finish a game, just delete it off the card and put in another one. It's as simple as that! Head over to the GBA Flash Advance Cards section on the right and learn more about different types of Cartridges for the Gameboy Advance GBA, and read reviews on which ones work best, and will be the best value for you!

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General information on how to backup Gameboy Advance games to a Flash Card
How to backup Gameboy Games

You can buy GBA Flash Memory Cards in following on-line stores:


XG2 Turbo Slim

* Come with the smallest USB full speed loader in the world,the size of loader just same with one gba cart,
support NDS.
* Support TEXT / HTM / GIF / JPG / NES / PC-E / GB etc. file format,directly burn.
* Game time / Hardware save / SMS / Power consume saving ....
* Full range of memory size, from 128M ~ 1024M,full set include XGTurbo 2005 cart / USB
2.0 extension able / 2 set cell better and USB loader.

QBus Flash Qboy Software

  • Featuring over 2000 of the latest games, movies, and music for download.
  • Power search feature using more options.
  • New software means you don't need to charge the device at all.
  • Simple, speedy and convenient.
  • Auto-update online, enjoy the latest functions anytime.
  • Kids or adults can use it quickly.
  • There are two color styles: Blue-white & Red-white.

The GBA Movie Player enables you to use your Gameboy Advance™ or Gameboy Advance SP™ to play video and audio files and read e-books from standard Compact Flash™ cards. You can use your PC and a normal Compact Flash card reader to transfer and convert your media files to the Compact Flash cards. The included software even converts files directly from DVD to the proper GBA format. The GBA Movie Player supports 'multi tasking', meaning that you can play songs while you are reading e-books in simple text format.

  • Plays movies, music, FC games and e-books on your GBA or Nintendo DS
  • Includes Windows™ software to convert or create content
  • Based on Windows™ DirectX™ (whatever your PC can play can be converted to the GBA)
  • Compatible to standard Compact Flash™ cards (even the largest ones!)
  • Firmware upgrade through Compact Flash™ via free download
  • Works with all Gameboy Advance™ systems sold worldwide
  • Compact Flash™ Card not included
  • Plays FC games and other homebrew applications (max. 192kb)
  • Lik Sang Bonus: Exclusive Demo CD-ROM with 450 Mega Bytes movie files
  • Also compatible with Nintendo DS (works and looks great)
  • This product is not licensed, endorsed or sponsored by Nintendo.
  • Computer Requirement: CPU Pentium III 1G or higher, Memory 128MB or more, HD 400MB or more, OS Windows XP/2000/ME


Nintendo has announced that it will release a new adapter for the Game Boy Advance SP and Nintendo DS. Tentatively named Play-Yan, the adapter will let the handhelds play back MPEG-4 video and MP3 audio files from SD memory cards.

  • Japanese language product.
  • For Gameboy Advance SP and Nintendo DS only (NOT Gameboy Advance)
  • Playback MPEG4 videos and MP3 music from SD memory cards
  • Maximum resolution NDS: 256 x 192 pixels
  • Maximum resolution GBA: 240 x 160 pixels
  • Does not support SD-Video in extra fine mode (320x240/30fps)
  • Supports VBR and allows playback of MP3 files with bit rates of 32-320kbps
  • Only available through Nintendo's web site in Japan starting from spring 2005

GBA 512mb flash card 27.0 /day gba flash memory 20.0 Latest model of gba movie player compact flash adapter for gba flash cards. 1GB 2GB 128mb linker carts how to save gba games using a flash cartridge java programs on a gba flash card drive linker rom cartridge magic ez flash advance.


GBA games on DSi
With the new SuperCard DSTWO ands it's built in GBA rom
emulator You can play GBA Games on all Nintendo DSi and
DSi XL versions. And just like other R4 DS flash cards DStwo
supports NDS ROMs SNES, NES, SEGA, MAME, but exclusive
to it is playback of DivX Avi MP3 and other media files without
converting! Buy DSTWO at R4DS Store or GamesYeah

* Latest R4i SDHC DSi, DSTTi, AceKard and M3i Flash Cards!

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