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advance ezf - is a great USB linker that connects to the USB and GBA Link Port

gba Game Boy Advance EZ-flash USB and f2a - Flash2Advance Linker.

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EZF Advance 256Mb 512 MB

EZF Advance - EZFA

EZ-Flash 512 MB

Gameboy Advance X-ROM for GBA ROMS.

XROM 512M Flash Card that can hold 16 games in 1 the cartridge.
ReWritable with a USB Linker - best way to play free gameboy
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XG Flash II Turbo 512Mb x-rom

XG-Flash 2 Turbo

XG2 Turbo 512MB


  • ECube EZFA - RTC and multi boot cable linker.
  • Extreme Flash Advance - mini USB port on the cart.
  • EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar - energy saving plus rtc, cheat codes and nes, gb/gba, pce and zx rom support.
  • EZ-Flash III 3 - new generation ezflash cart but is it better? 2 separate memory banks and good software.
  • EZF-Advance Card - ezfa cartridge and ez flash advance linker are popular for being the first RTC set.
  • Flash 2 Advance ULTRA - greatly improved f2a card with quick save and restore buttons
  • G6-Flash Card - newcomer in the flash market with ok software, g6 PDA soft and card with nand and nor mem.
  • GB-Bridge for Flash2Advance - adapter for using F2A cards on GB COLOR and/or playing GB GBC roms on GBA
  • GBA Movie Player - designed for playing movies, mp3 and ebooks but can be used to play nes roms and small gb games.
  • GBA Super Card - new Compact Flash adapter for GBA and Nintendo DS similar to movie player but can play GBA roms.
  • GBA X-ROM Flash - xrom - cheapest 512Mb set that has RTC, Cheats Codes, nes, snes, gb/gbc pce and PogoShell support.
  • Nintendo Play-Yan - original MP3 and MPEG4 player for GBA SP and NDS with support for small games playing.
  • GBA QBus QBoy - 2in1 flash writer that doubles as game pad and QBoy software that allows download gba roms free.
  • XG-Flash 2 Turbo 2005 - external miniature USB writer model for XG2T cards. Makes XGflash Nintendo DS compatible.
  • XG-Flash Card - great design with rtc, super memory stick for save game management and good linker /  writer.

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